Easy Abstract Painting Demo For Beginners
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Easy Abstract Painting Demo For Beginners | Art Ideas | Home Decor Ideas

Are you a fan of painting? Or do you want to learn to paint? Today we collected 5 simple painting ideas for you, it is easy for beginners – Easy painting for beginners. At the bottom of the article you will see video teaching.  Also, you can see on my Pinterest A Fashion Star

Black + Dark Blue + White

Easy Abstract Painting Demo For Beginners

The first color you need to prepare is dark blue+white+black, then draw the background color evenly, and you need to draw the forest with a thin oil brush, pay attention to the layering of the color and then finished the deer.

White + yellow + brown + purple + black

Easy Abstract Painting Demo For Beginners

This is also a beautiful art with deer and forest as the background, unlike the art above, one is the morning, one is the night. Check the video

Dark green + purple + white + brown + black

The back ground of this painting is an idyllic beautiful meadows and chalets, making it alive.

Purple + blue + pink + white

This is a painting with an evening background, pink+purple+blue+white to create a beautiful starry sky. Pay attention to the combination of black grass and sky when painting.

Black + Red + pink + white + yellow + purple

Easy Abstract Painting Demo For Beginners

First create a beautiful and warm back ground color with white + red + pink + yellow, the use table tennis to create a layered ball grass, and finally add a butterfly embellishment, what a beautiful art.

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