6 Easy DIY Projects – Easy Craft Ideas

Are you looking for some creative DIY crafts? Today we will share 6 easy DIY Projects for you, Believe me, this is will be very interesting.

Whether you’re making it yourself or making these DIY with your kids, these are some great DIY crafts projects, and the production process doesn’t take long.

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Easy DIY Project Craft Ideas
6 Easy DIY Projects - Easy Craft Ideas

The first is a DIY flower stand idea, it needs some wooden sticks, some twine and hot glue gun.

Wrap the stick with a twine to make it look very delicate and the color of the twine is also very compatible with the color of the green plant.

6 Easy DIY Projects - Easy Craft Ideas

This is the idea of a wall flower stand, also made up of some wooden sticks, you can replace it with some disposable chopsticks.

Make it also use a hot glue gun, and finally make some paper flowers for decoration, you can also buy some dried flowers on it.

6 Easy DIY Projects - Easy Craft Ideas

Surprise? Yes, it’s beautiful, the material it makes is the same as the DIY above, but you need to use an empty cola bottle.

In the video you will see its production process.

I think everyone will play the Fidget spinner, here have an easy idea to get a paper Fidget spinner.

Here I want to suggest that it is not a real Fidget spinner, just for fun, you can see how it was made in the video.

6 Easy DIY Projects - Easy Craft Ideas

Obviously, this is a bat, cute and fun production, Halloween is coming soon, it can be a nice Halloween ornament.

Sometimes you don’t need to pay a high price to buy decorations for Halloween, you totally can make it by yourself.

You can also check my post 50 Halloween Ideas For 2019 – Halloween Decor And Costumes or follow my Pinterest for get more Halloween Ideas.

The last one is the interesting mini juice bottle DIY, which only needs one bottle, one straw, and hot glue gun.

Also, you will experience interesting physics experiments.

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