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8 Amazing Painting For Home – Learn How To Painting

Want to learn how to painting? Or are you looking for some beautiful painting ideas for home decor, today you will get it.

Today we have collected 8 amazing and beautiful painting ideas for you, which are very suitable for home decor hope you will like it.

Learn How To Painting – You will see video teach below

First you need to prepare painting tools, here you can use acrylic paint, most of the painting I share today use acrylic paint.

In this painting you will use purple + white + blue + pink + yellow, first draw the starry sky, then draw the pond and the tree, and finally draw the white deer.

In the past I have posted many painting ideas. You can check the DIY column, if you are a beginner you can draw faint draft on the canvas with pencil.

The color of this painting is more complicated, you can view the video in the article.

8 Amazing Painting For Home - Learn How To Painting

In this picture you will use blue + dark blue + green + white + pink + yellow + black.

Yes, you will find this painting very complicated, check the video.

It will be rendered many times like an oil painting and the grass will be created with a brush. Check the video

Both of these are landscape paintings. Landscape painting are very suitable for beginners and also loved by most people.

8 Amazing Painting For Home - Learn How To Painting

Of course. You can also paint on wooden posts, which will have a more natural artistic sense.

Before painting, you can apply a layer of white as a background color on the stakes, which will make the color more beautiful.

You can also paint on the stone. I used to post an article about stone painting, check this 8 Best Rock Painting Ideas That Will Catch Your Eye – Art For Home Decor if you want.

8 Amazing Painting For Home - Learn How To Painting

Cute flamingo. When painting this one you will use a wooden stick to create the shape of rainbow.

You will also use paper towels to painting flamingo feathers.

These are the 8 Amazing painting ideas I want to share, in the video you can learn how to paint it.

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