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7 Home Decor Painting Ideas – Art For Beginner

Are you looking for home decor painting ideas? A warm home needs some beautiful decorations, almost everyone will buy some decorative paintings for home decor.

You don’t need to buy it, you can totally draw it yourself, today I collected 7 paintings for home decor.

Below you will see the full tutorial video, but before you start, let’s take a look at these works.

Home Decor Painting

Blue + red + green + yellow + purple + black

Home Decor Painting Ideas - Art For Beginner

A beautiful multicolored tree, you can play an infinite imagination in art, painting of the real world that does not exist.

First draw the background color in blue, draw the leaves in multiple colors, and outline the shape of the grass in black. You can draw a draft with a pencil before you start.

Red + blue + yellow + pink + black + green + white

Home Decor Painting Ideas - Art For Beginner

Beautiful sunset as background, I call it riverside fawn. These scenes are illusory scenes, but it’s very beautiful.

First draw the sky and the pond, then draw the grass, and finally draw the deer on the grass, here you can also change to a couple.

Blue + dark blue + yellow + white + green + black

Home Decor Painting Ideas - Art For Beginner

The animal or character in the painting does not have to be black, you can use any color you want, but have a clear color contrast. Check the video

Blue + pink + black + yellow + white + green

Of course, you can draw different scenes in a painting, which is a special art form in modern times.

Just like two seasons or morning and night, these are some great ideas.

White + yellow + orange + brown + pink + purple + green + black

If you want to try some complicated landscapes, before you make a draft and draw a general outline with a pencil.

Anyway, you will learn it in the video, this is the idea I want to share today, hope you will like it.

Also, you can follow my Pinterest for check more painting ideas, thank you for reading.

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