6 Juice Recipes That Can Fast Lose Weight And Detox – Healthy Recipe

Did the skirt last year fit? Is it a bit tight? Don’t worry, today we have collected 6 healthy Juice Recipes ideas for you, which not only can help you lose weight fast, also help your body detoxify well.

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Juice Recipes

1. Celery + cucumber + olive oil

Juice Recipes That Can Fast Lose Weight And Detox - Healthy Recipe

Celery is rich in dietary fiber, which helps to scrape off excess oil in the intestines. Celery also has the effect of supplementing iron, zinc and selenium. Check the video

Also, celery can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, help to remove toxins and garbage in time, and is very beneficial for relieving constipation.

A notable feature of cucumber is its water content of 96%-98%, which is the highest among vegetables.

Although cucumber contains a lot of fiber and water, the fat is almost zero, The large amount of fiber contained in cucumber can easily help the stomach move and eliminate toxins from the body. Naturally easy to achieve weight loss goals.

2. Carrot + celery + tomatoes

Juice Recipes That Can Fast Lose Weight And Detox - Healthy Recipe

The plant fiber contained in carrots can accelerate metabolism, and long term consumption of carrots can inhibit the body’s desire for sweets and greasy foods.

And heat of tomatoes is vert low, with only 16 calories per 100 grams of tomatoes.

3. Dragon fruit +tomato

Dragon fruit is a delicious tropical fruit, and it has low calories.

The content of Anthocyanidin in dragon fruit is higher, Anthocyanidin is an effective antioxidant that can effectively prevent hardening of blood vessels.

It also fights free radicals and effectively fights aging.

4.Bitter gourd + honey + sesame

Studies have found that bitter gourd can reduce weight lower blood fat, lower blood sugar, especially for the prevention for abdominal fat accumulation.

However, if there is severe diarrhea, your stomach can’t stand it., please reduce the consumption of bitter gourd or stop eating for a while.

5. Cucumber + yogurt + honey

The role of yogurt is to keep the protein that the body needs.

Honey contains a lot of fructose and glucose, which can help restore physical strength quickly.

Also, it can relieve stress and improve sleep quality, help to make up the blood, regulate gastrointestinal function and improve the operation of the digestive system.

6. Mango + Passion Fruit

A recent study by Oklahoma State University in the United States shows that mangoes can supplement the beneficial bacteria that are lost in a high-fat diet.

As an excellent source of dietary fiber, mango can also help people regulate blind sugar and immune system and even lose weight.

These are the weight loss juice recipes I want to share with you today, hope you will like it. Also, you can follow my Pinterest for get More health ideas.

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