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20 Best Nail designs For 2019 – The Latest Nail Art Trends

I believe that you must be a girl who likes manicure, Do you want some new nail design ideas or ? Beautiful nail art always attracts your attention.

Today we have collected 20 super beautiful nail design ideas for you, these nail art is definitely the trend in 2019.

Best Nail designs For 2019 - The Latest Nail Art Trends

Below you will see video tutorials on these nail designs that will definitely surprise you. Also, you can follow my Pinterest or check Nail Art catalog for more nail design ideas.

Marble nail designs ideas

Speaking of marble, I don’t think everyone will be unfamiliar, this vert textured stone is widely used in home crafts.

Many people are now inspired by the marble to create a super beautiful marbled nail design.

Marble nail design is definitely the trend of nail design this year, marbled with simple but complex texture, it is very temperament nail design.

This marble nail is perfect for this year’s Halloween.

Indie Pop Nail Art

Almost all girls will like cute things, also, will have cute nail design ideas, you can try some fruit or flower patterns.

The nail created by the bright yellow color give a lively and lovely feeling, especially the lemon pattern on the nails.

If anyone sees it, the whole person’s mood will follow suit, the personality is very suitable for such nail design like this.

Water drop nail design

The nail design of the water droplets has a unique style, giving people dimensional feeling. Check the video

Hope you will like these ideas, if you have more nail design ideas you can leave message to share with everyone.

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