15 Beautiful marbled nail designs For 2019 - Nail Art Trend
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15 Beautiful marbled nail designs For 2019 – Nail Art Trend

Almost every girl loves beautiful nails. Beautiful marble nail designs have been very popular in recent years. They are not only elegant but also beautiful, suitable for many occasions.

15 Beautiful marbled nail designs For 2019 - Nail Art Trend

We have collected 15 marble nail design ideas for you today, it is almost tailored for you, hope you will like these nail art.

Marble nail designs

First, this is a red nail design, marbled + cat eye nail design, this nail looks very suitable for winter wear.

You may use magnetic strip when making cat’s eye nails.

Adding a layer of silver paint to the original nails will make you look more temperamental.

The type of nail design of the flower pattern will never be outdated. In the past, women will put a flower on their head to decorate themselves. Of course, they are not listed now. They totally can be used on nail design.

Shellfish nails are inspired by nature. If you are going to the beach, it is a good idea to match the shell and coconut tree nail design.

Of course, there are many kinds of nail designs for shellfish. Here you can refer to these ideas and create your own shell ideas.

Pay attention to the color when making nails. Not all colors will match, such as blue and white, red and purple, yellow and black. These are good color combinations.

Sometimes you can create some different art because they are more attractive.

You don’t need to make every piece of nails the same, but their color should match.

This is the nail design idea I want to introduce today, you can also Follow my Pinterest for get more nail ideas.

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