14 Easy And Beautiful Watercolor Painting – Watercolor Painting Ideas For Beginner

Are you looking for easy and beautiful Watercolor painting? Watercolor painting always presents beautiful scenery, we have collected 14 beautiful watercolor ideas for you today, hope you will like it.

You need to prepare watercolor tool. In the video below you will learn all the watercolors. Of course, if you have a better watercolor idea, please leave a message.

Starry painting has always been a trend, of course, including watercolor paintings, to use your imagination, to combine reality with the stars, to paint amazing scenery.

You don’t need to paint the whole piece of paper with watercolor, Sometimes simple art is more attractive. Check the video

The two paintings are two different seasons, each season has its own beauty. The importance of watercolor is reflected in the level.

If you want to draw winter paintings, you should be biased towards cold color. Of course, if you choose summer, you should choose warm colors for color matching.

Here I want to emphasize that most of the starry sky paintings are drawn in cool colors, and if it is evening time, some warm colors, such as pink and yellow, will be added.

You can also make a regular shape of the painting, just like the image on the right, first stick the shape you want with a sticker and then paint inside it.

These are the watercolor ideas I want to share today. They are very suitable for beginners. You can start with simple landscape painting, thank you for reading.

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