12 Easy Drawing Tutorials - Painting Hacks - Colored Pen Art
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11 Easy Drawing Tutorials – Painting Hacks – Colored Pen Art

Are you looking for some easy drawing tutorials? If you are a person who likes painting, then master some painting hacks.

We collected 11 easy drawing tutorials and painting hacks for you today, these are some simple and cute works, you can draw it completely, hope you will like these ideas.

Easy Drawing Tutorials – Colored Pen Art

Isn’t it cute? You can paint with your child and I’m sure he will like these cute patterns for family painting activities.

I’m using a colored pen. You can also use a highlighter. First use a darker colored pen for sketching.

The unicorn is really cute. You can use your unicorn card as a bookmark. This is definitely a highlight.

Clover and cute cactus, you will see the full video tutorial in the video below. Check the video

I really like this snowflake logo. There are many styles of snowflakes. If you have a better idea of snowflake, you can leave a message below to share with everyone.

Want to draw a love logo for your lover? It’s fun and pretty, This must be a surprise.

The last one is a starry sky painting with colored pen, Purple + Pink + Orange + Yellow + Yellow + White + Black, hope you will like it.

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