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10 Watercolor Fruit Painting Ideas – Easy Watercolor Painting Tutorial

Do you like watercolors? Or you want to have a family watercolor activity, you will achieve it today. We collected 10 Watercolor Fruit Painting for you, I hope you will like it.

Let’s first enjoy some of these works before we start. Below you will see video tutorials.

Watercolor Fruit Painting

Pumpkin And Pomegranate

Yes, they are so beautiful, just like real fruit, you need to prepare watercolor paper and watercolor paint before painting, and of course the brush and Fruit.

Pumpkins and pomegranates look so fresh, just like real, you need yellow + orange + white + green + red to draw pumpkins.

Apple And Fig

Yes, all of these paintings are drawn with fruit, you can buy some cheap fruits, and don’t need to pay a high price.

Cut the fruit in half before painting, you can use the pigment that comes with the fruit itself, or apply some color on it, then copy it onto the paper, you can learn in the video. Check the video

Banana And Bitter Gourd

Like this banana, I use the banana that is about to expire, so I won’t waste it. Also, if you don’t like bitter gourd, you can make it into a painting, what a good idea.

Melon And Kiwi

With the shape of the fruit, you can continue to add color to it to make it look more realistic.

Just like kiwi, you will use cyan + fuchsia + black, it doesn’t look hard.

Watermelon And Orange

I believe that it is easy to buy watermelons and oranges in every country. If the fruit is about to expire, then make it into a painting.

Of course, these 10 works may not have the fruits you like. You can draw any fruit you want. In fact, I really want to draw a picture of a grape.

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