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10 Fun Paper DIY Ideas – Origami Crafts – DIY For Kids

Do you like the art of origami crafts? Or you want to have a family paper DIY Ideas event with your kids? I believe it will be fun.

Although origami is a very simple DIY, sometimes it is indeed a unique art and you don’t need to pay a high price for it.

Below you will see the complete origami video, before you start let us take a look at these fun masterpieces.

Paper DIY Ideas

Two pretty purple butterfly artwork, for girls, I believe you will love it, if you fold a lot of these paper butterflies, and then paste them on the wall must be beautiful.

There is also paper butterfly art on the left and a beautiful bow on the right, if you want to make suck bow, choose some brighter colors of paper so that it will show a more beautiful effect.

Cute skirt, if you have a baby girl, she will love this idea, almost all girls have a princess dream.

If you already have a beautiful skirt, it is also a good idea to have a cute bag, you can choose any type of paper type and color that you want.

They look interesting, don’t they? Cute paper cups and paper stars, you can fold a lot of stars, stick it in the bedroom wall, so you will have a starry sky. Check the Video

The last two paper artworks are also very interesting, lollipops and paper umbrellas, and for this DIY, you just need to prepare paper, they are very simple, all these origami ideas you will learn from the video.

Hope you will like these ideas, also you can follow my Pinterest for get more origami ideas.

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