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10 Easy Paper Craft Ideas – DIY For Kids

Are you looking for easy Paper Craft Ideas to do with you kids? When you are free, participating in a parent-child DIY competition with your child will not only enhance your relation ship with your child, also exercise child’s hands on ability.

We collected 10 easy and fun DIY Ideas for you and your kids, wish you have a good time with your kids.

In the video below you will see the complete tutorial video, let’s take a look at these fun DIY works before that.

Paper Craft Ideas
10 Easy Paper Craft Ideas - DIY For Kids

A fingertip white rabbit, the interesting thing is that it can be done with a paper towel.

Don’t forget to draw the face of the bunny when you finish it.

10 Easy Paper Craft Ideas - DIY For Kids

A fun balloon house, if you have watched this movie, you must be familiar with this DIY work.

Prepare a blue paper jam, or any color you want, draw a balloon on the paper, and finally draw the house, how positive and beautiful the picture.

10 Easy Paper Craft Ideas - DIY For Kids

If you have a little princess, then this is the best DIY work for her, get ready for colored paper, and learn how to make it in the video. Check the video

This is also two origami DIY activities. Origami can exercise your child’s brain and ability to move the more complicated the steps, the better he can exercise.

A cute star and a simple tray, just prepare some color jams. Origami is the simplest DIY, but it can exercise your child’s hands -on ability and brain coordination.

DIY of a small tree, you can use the fallen leaves to make it, tell the children to protect the environment.

A cartoon bookmark, this inspiration comes from Pokémon, of course you can also let the kids choose the cartoon characters they want to make.

The last one is a paper fish, these are good Crafts ideas, hope you and your kids will like it.

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