10 DIY Paper Craft Ideas For Home Decor - Easy Paper Crafts
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10 DIY Paper Craft Ideas For Home Decor – Easy Paper Crafts

Are you looking for DIY paper craft ideas? Or you are an origami lover, you can have a DIY paper craft event with your kids.

Today we collected 10 easy and fun paper craft ideas for you, all you need to do is prepare some beautiful paper, let’s do this.

DIY Paper Craft Ideas – Below you will see a complete video
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Tutorial that will teach you how to origami, before that lets take a look these beautiful work.

Up there is a beautiful paper chrysanthemum, yes it is made of paper, you can use any vase or you can make a wool vase.

Cute paper skirt and mini bag, if you have a cute girl is the best gift for her, of you like it too.

You can use ant type of paper, it will be better if it has a pattern.

If you have a paper with flower pattern then you will get a flower skirt.

Flower envelop and paper candy, if you are writing a letter to someone, this envelops will be a surprise.

This paper candy looks very realistic, it can definitely play a good role in decoration.

Whether it is placed in the living room or the bedroom, it always gives people a sweet feeling. Check the video

A paper umbrella and a beautiful crown, the steps of the paper umbrella are more complicated, you can view the video to learn how to make it.

You can stick the crown on the hair clip so that it turns into a beautiful crown hair clip.

The last thing I want to introduce is woolen birds and paper dinosaurs, you can view the video of paper dinosaurs and it has surprises.

You can use any color of wool, yellow and red will make the bird more cute.

Thank you for reading and hope you will like these ideas, you can follow my Pinterest A Fashion Star for get more paper DIY ideas.

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